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Bun N Meat: a retrospect

The concept was simple. We had a space and we wanted to use it in line with our social mission, to provide young people with innovative and empowering ways to develop their skills  – Pop-up @ Baked was born.

We put out a call, for budding chefs aged 18-24, who were looking for somewhere to showcase their talents. They would come along and takeover Baked for the evening, honing, developing and promoting their skills by running a pop-up night. Everything was to be led by them and we would be their support team, providing as much or as little help and advice as they wanted, but the impetus (and hence, the learning) had to come from them.

Charlie Laszlo and his Bun N Meat came along. And completely fulfilled what we had set out to achieve with Pop-up @ Baked.

Previously, Charlie had worked as a chef in a small dining restaurant for two years, where he had learnt his trade and developed his knowledge and thoughts on food. With a belief that real quality food needn’t be inaccessible nor expensive, his Bun N Meat concept (slow cooked meats, homemade pickles, all loaded up in brioche buns) sat neatly within the growing street food scene.




Three events. Great feedback from punters. And a hell of a lot of learning and development.

“Running pop-up nights allowed me to transfer and act on the ideas I have in my head, putting them in to a real-life situation, without any major financial or time constraints. I learnt a lot in terms of pricing, and how you need to organize yourself when running a pop up, as well as getting feedback on my food which gives me confidence and belief in my ideas and products”

His advice for those thinking of running a Pop-up @ Baked?

“Just go for it, lots of people have ideas but acting on it is the essential part, and there is no better opportunity than this. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, get as organised as possible: making lists, practising and going over as many different scenarios as you can think of. The further ahead you do this the easier it will be.” 

“[Baked] have given me the opportunity to do something that would usually involve a large investment as well as offering support. Without this, Bun N Meat would probably still just be a thought – many places in Worthing could take a leaf out of Baked’s books on their ethos of running a business”.

And finally, the future, what does it look like for Bun N Meat?

“Bun N Meat temporarily goes on hold as I am off travelling for the next 6-8 months, but alongside my ex-head chef and restaurant owner, I am already planning to open up a permanent space early next summer in Worthing, along the same theme as Bun N Meat but with a more extensive menu including cocktails and desserts. Watch this space…”.




Interested in running your own pop-up night? Drop us an email ( or give us a call (01903 216343) with some information on who you are and an idea of what your pop-up would look like and we’ll go from there.