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Bun N Meat at Baked

Kicking off our Pop-up at Baked series, Saturday 7 March sees local lad Charlie Lazlo bringing Bun N Meat to the West End of Worthing – slow-cooked meats, homemade pickles and slaws, all loaded in brioche buns.

Charlie, Bun N Meat, what can we expect?

Bun N Meat is a simple concept – meat cooked low and slow for eight to twelve hours, resulting in meat so meltingly tender it can be pulled off the bone, served up with homemade sauces and slaws, all loaded into soft brioche buns. It’s about taking something humble and simple such as a sandwich, and turning it into something really special, focusing and perfecting each element.

What’s the motivation behind it?

I worked as a chef in a small fine dining restaurant for two years, where the standards were massively high. It was here I learnt my trade, with the experience transforming my knowledge and thoughts on food.

I believe that real quality food shouldn’t have to be expensive and inaccessible. There is so much amazing food about and a growing street food scene. I want to contribute to that with my own take on classic flavour combinations. There’ll be no fancy thrills, just fast food but not as you know it.

What attracted you to the pop-up opportunity at Baked?

I’ve wanted to run a pop-up event for a while now. I love the idea of being able to do something independently, being able to solely use my own ideas and style, and test this against the paying public. The opportunity by Baked was perfect.

There are places in Brighton offering pop up style opportunities, but from what I’ve seen, Baked is the only place doing this in Worthing. They have given me the opportunity to do something that would usually involve a large investment as well as offering support. Without this, Bun N Meat would probably still just be a thought – many places in Worthing could take a leaf out of Baked’s books on their ethos of running a business.

Charlie will be serving up his slow-cooked meats, homemade pickles and slaws, and brioche buns, at Baked on Saturday 7th March from 1700 to 2100. For updates, follow the event on Facebook (


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