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cake with a cause
Crowdfunding for cake

We’re nearly there. We’re within touching distance of opening. The shop has been rewired, plumbed and soundproofed (yes, soundproofed – a condition of our planning consent). The kitchen is being constructed as we speak and equipment is arriving.

There has been blood, sweat and tears (a lot of sweat when putting five coats of paint on the ceiling during a heatwave). There have been ups and downs, highs and lows and copious amounts of coffee, cake and visits to Nigel’s.


But we need your help to get us across the final hurdle, to help fill the final gap in our financial puzzle.

We’re now crowdfunding for cake.

New to crowdfunding? You’re not alone. The idea is young but it is simple – it literally means sourcing funds from the crowd.

Often called ‘democratic finance’ it is a way of bypassing traditional financial institutions (which let’s face it, aren’t lending that freely) but importantly to Baked, it is also about building and benefitting the community. Individuals pledge money because they believe in the cause and in return, are rewarded in some way (in our case, with tea and cake).

So we’re looking for your help. We’re calling on our local community and drawing on our strong network of support to help us do things differently in Worthing. To create real positive social change and fulfil our social mission of creating a community hub in Worthing. And the rewards are pretty good.

Follow the link below and be part of the journey.