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Worthing, BN11 3JJ
cake with a cause

Available to buy in-store, or to order by the tray, our Brownies have acquired legendary status on the mean streets of Worthing.

We offer two tray sizes, which can be made to your specifications (most cake lovers opting for a mix, we can cater to specific needs e.g. nut-free, gluten-free, a mix of two flavours).

Small (6 whole brownies, in 24 bitesize pieces) – £13.50

Large (12 whole brownies, in 48 bitesize pieces) – £26.00

Our Brownie stacks are made to order and are perfect for any celebration (from the small to feed 4, up to stacks containing in excess of 100 brownies).

To order, or to talk more about your Brownie needs, drop us an email (, give us a call (01903 216343) or pop-by.