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Gem does the Worthing Birdman

On Saturday 12 July, at approximately 1213, Gemma Pickett, local lass, long-time supporter of Baked and lover of all things Worthing, will be flying (read: jumping/falling/being pushed) off the end of the Pier as part of the 2014 International Birdman Competition.

Gem (perhaps slightly involuntarily) has chosen to take part in this challenge for two reasons. First, to raise a shedload of money for The Worthing Foyer and Blueprint 22, two organisations in Worthing doing amazing things for young people. And second, because her best friends Mel and I put it on her 30 before 30 list.

“I wouldn’t have nominated her if I didn’t think she could do it!!!” (Mel Payne, 2014, on how she thinks Gemma will do after putting her forward for it)

Baked will be sponsoring Gemma in her flight and helping her to build a flying machine (in which she will look in equal parts absolutely amazing and absolutely ridiculous). What we need you to do is sponsor her and raise some cash for these two fantastic groups.

Not heard of them? A little bit of background.

Promoting independence in vulnerable young people, the Foyer provides affordable, good quality accommodation and a safe environment to those in need. With 27 bedsits, arranged into ten 2/3 bedroom flats (one flat is adapted for disabled use) young people are provided with a secure place to live and access to support and training through a holistic and empowering approach to learning via a kickass team.

Blueprint-22 is a not-for-profit organisation set up to support anyone aged 16-25 in Worthing and the surrounding areas (and is steered by a committee from this group). Their aim is to get young people motivated by, and involved in, unique projects designed specifically for young people by young people. Responsive, engaging and empowering. Awesome.

So how can you back Gem on her flight and support these two groups? Simply follow this link and make a donation (all monies raised will be split down the middle 50/50).

And how is our flyer feeling?

“Hmmmm apparently there’s no such thing as nerves so let’s just say I’m very, very, very excited. And thinking of taking out life insurance. And a new set of friends while I’m at it” (Gemma Pickett, 2014)

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