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My Week at Baked

By Katie

I was very lucky to be able to have had the opportunity to have had a week’s work experience at Baked in February 2018. I first heard about Baked from my friend Lindsey Butterfield, so I went in with my Mum in the summer of 2017…to try their cake! It was super scrummy.

I chose Baked as the place that I would most like to do my work experience as Lauren and Nicole were so lovely and friendly when I first met them. I thought that Baked would be the perfect place for me to be myself and to hopefully grow in confidence and develop my baking skills. I was so delighted when Lauren said that I could do my work experience with them.

I was 100% excited when the week finally arrived and a little nervous too. I thought that my week went really well, I enjoyed working with Lauren and Nicole very much. Lauren was very funny and Nicole was just lovely and smiley. They were both very supportive of me. Because I have low vision they made the recipes and the menus nice and large for me and I took in my own weighing scales.



I particularly enjoyed getting to bake every day, it was like a dream come true! I liked meeting and speaking to the customers, although I was a little shy at first – but the customers were very welcoming and friendly especially the man that liked my carrot cake!

During my week at Baked I got to make and decorate a cake of my choice to take home -which was very handy as it was my Mum’s birthday and she was coming into the café on the Friday to celebrate. I chose to make a mango flavoured sponge with a vanilla buttercream, which I decorated with chocolate hearts that I had made and then Nicole and I sprinkled Pink glitter bits over it ( I like pink!). When the week sadly came to an end, I felt heartbroken that my week was over, because I had loved my experience so much.

I would definitely recommend Baked for anyone that has a passion in baking as the perfect place for work experience….as long as I can come too 😊.



If you’re interested in getting your bake on and joining us for work experience, do get in touch.