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cake with a cause
Our social mission

Everything we do at Baked is driven by our desire to make a positive social impact in Worthing, Adur and West Sussex, an ethos enshrined in our threefold social mission:

1. To provide employment and training opportunities for young people (aged 18-24)

By working in collaboration with local employment services and youth organisations, we provide training, skills development and mentoring to young people through full and part-time employment positions and work experience placements. Our in-house employee development programme is unique to each member of staff and tailored to their needs and goals, providing them with a positive experience of the workplace and arming them with the skills needed to move forward in their employment and future careers.

2. To support the local community

Here at Baked we support the local community in two key ways. First, by providing a space where individuals and groups can meet, eat and socialise, that encourages multiple social experiences and supports a dynamic programme of events. Second, we actively engage with, support and promote the activities of local charities and community projects.

3. To support local businesses

We pride ourselves on sourcing as much produce as possible from the local area, for use in the food and drink sold, as well for sale in a small deli-style produce counter in-store. We also draw upon the expertise of local businesses for most other aspects of our operations (e.g. equipment suppliers, accountancy, web design and general business support).

Additionally, we ensure our operations have a minimal environment impact; a value we believe should be inherent in all business activities, not just a cursory nod to CSR.

The impact Baked makes, and the success of our social mission, is the broader, long-term changes we make to society, the economy and the environment within Worthing, Adur and West Sussex. Measuring this impact is central to ensuring that we are delivering our social mission and as part of our responsibilities as a social enterprise, we are committed to doing this in a transparent and accountable way. We do this by conducting and publishing an annual social impact report that involves a range of interested parties (e.g. you the customer, our super members of staff, suppliers and the local community). Part of this process involves the Baked AGM, where we all get together, with plenty of tea and cake, and discuss what has gone well, and importantly, how we can do things even better. Look out for this in early 2015.