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#thefitout – week 8, the calm before the storm


With the sound engineers in all week insulating the shop, beyond supplying the guys with shortbread and cookies, there has been very little to be getting on with down at the ranch. Even on Monday morning, when they arrived, and when the electricians came by to ensure their work matched up, the only thing I was good for was coffee/tea making and by 0900 it was time for me to leave (that horrid feeling of complete spare-partness? That was me).

Suffice to say, this has left plenty of time to prepare for the next couple of weeks, the final push to opening. Among all the manual work of physically refurbishing a shop, it can be really tough to grab a moment to stop, take stock and reflect. Having a fallow week, where I have had the time to review a) everything we have achieved so far and b) everything that is left to do, has proved invaluable. And with a week of no manual labour, allowed my hands to rehydrate and soften (seriously, for someone who worked in an office environment for the best part of five years, my weak little hands have taken a beating).




There is a definite sense that 0800 Monday sees the start of the final push. I know it, the girls know it, and my family and friends definitely know it (it is scary that however cool and calm you feel you are coming across, those closest to you can see straight through you).

Lists have been written, lists of lists have been written, and I feel ready to go. Well as ready as I’ll ever be, the reality is, that while I could present Baked as a well-oiled machine from the go, that everything has gone entirely to plan but the reality is that it isn’t, and it hasn’t, and I am totally confident that any business that tells you otherwise is lying.

Things do not always go to plan, often things outside of your control, but it is a continual process of learning and what matters is how you respond to such things. That is to say, in a way that does not result in you coming down to hard on yourself, which in the early days of entrepreneurship, when you are placing such great pressure on yourself to get it right, can be so easy to do.

And now, grabbing the opportunity, time for a weekend off, or as near to a weekend off that I can get. At this point, as much as I try it really is difficult to entirely switch off (or as it turns out, get up any later than 0500, regardless of the time or the amount of beer you drank the night before).