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#thefitout – weeks two and three

(22/05/14- 05/06/14)

Weeks two and three were characterised by demolition, serious demolition. With the help of my father, all the existing fixtures, fittings, dodgy wall coverings and flooring were ripped out, and a pile of rubbish that felt like was slowly taking over the shop emerged. For such a little shop, I really didn’t expect this amount of rubbish. When the skip arrived on Thursday (28th) morning, a day earlier than expected, I was over the moon. The sun was shining and Rabbit hire turned up. My morning could not have been any better (it also meant I temporarily questioned my mental state – being this excited by a skip). 




With the demolition/ripping out of all sorts of horrendous furnishings came the uncovering of a range of original features that Baked will keep. For example, behind that plasterboard/wood panelling flanked wall where the dodgy wiring was sited ran brickwork all the way to the front of the shop with a similar feature found underneath the decrepit boards that ran down the left hand side of the little corridor.




The floor was another example. The initial plan was to cover the floor throughout with what I describe as a super lino, mega durable, running it through the unit would have been a costly, albeit necessary, affair. However, after ripping off the tiles and ripping up the wooden underlay, the floorboards were inspected and it was decided that rather, they would be kept. A considerably cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing option. The task for early week four is to strip them of the wallpaper-esque coating that covers them, preparing them for sanding, staining and sealing. 




As I am sure I have mentioned on numerous occasions before that the wiring of the unit is/was decidedly dodgy (and subsequently, needs a total rewire). Well, a major turning point, for both the shop and my sanity, was that over the course of the past couple of weeks this was addressed. And with a safe power supply, came the ability to make coffee (don’t be appalled, we have slightly better coffee-making facilities for when we open, this is just a temporary measure). This, along with a functioning toilet, has made #thefitout just that little bit more pleasant. It is the small things that count.