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UKE-ADEMY at Baked

Kicking off this December, we are excited to be welcoming ST Teaching UK’s UKE-ADEMY, a new ukele-based music education programme, to Baked.

But what is UKE-ADEMY and who are ST Teaching UK?

In their own words…


We are ST Teaching UK, a family business built around a shared love and passion for music and education. ST Teaching UK is made up by Sammy, Effi and a wonderful seaside bungalow with fantastically understanding neighbours – we love where we are in the world, and what we do.

Sammy is an ex-college lecturer and Effi is a graphic designer/business mastermind – however both of them are musicians, and both have an incredible passion for education, community and inspiring others. They joined forces to create a new brand of musical education that could cater to everybody, that would feel welcoming and innovative, celebrating the joy that comes from creative subjects; and dedicating time to such things.

UKE-ADEMY was created after Sammy fell in love with the teeny tiny instruments, and saw how affordable they were to pick up. Effi’s brain power constructed sessions that were 100% accessible to anyone – no instruments required, so no pressure to purchase and commit, and the group sessions promote the social aspect of working as a team (or band in this case).

We aim to support local businesses and work together within the community, making Baked the perfect venue for our venture!

Ukuleles can be bought for little money and are very small instruments, making them ideal to jump into musical education without having to really consider it.

Musical education can benefit anyone and everyone! Specifically to these sessions, we aim to help children develop communication, teamwork and problem solving abilities as well as providing them with practical music and listening skills.

They will able to meet new friends, ask any questions they like and overall enjoy being in a creative and fun atmosphere!


Other Ventures:

We have recently launched our choir Sheer Harmony, a fresh and current vocal group singing a mixture of pop, rock, folk and soul, bringing some classic songs in beautiful harmonies.

The choir has attracted a diverse range of people, which is perfect for our philosophy: A group of people drawn by community spirit and a love for making music.  We’re continually growing so the see the link below for more information!

We hope to provide all our students with innovative, engaging sessions which are fun and inspiring, allowing them to learn whatever they wish, at their own pace. As well as our group lessons, Sammy teaches 1 to 1 in the following disciplines: piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, bass and music theory.

Our aim is to revolutionise musical tuition and emphasise the importance of this in education as a whole.

Come and join the magic!

Sammy & Effi”


Interested in finding out more or want to book on a class? Drop them an email (

**Upcoming classes**

Saturday 5 December, 1000 & 1100

Saturday 30 January, 1000 & 1100

Friday 19 February, 1000 & 1100

Friday 1 April, 1000 & 1100

Saturday 30 April, 1000 & 1100