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Vicky Milner and her Lovely Ladies

Local artist Vicky Milner, Fine Art student at Northbrook College, took the plunge and participated in her first exhibition with Baked at this year’s Worthing Art Trail, declaring that “she could now call herself an Artist” (Vicky, 2014, on weekend two of the Trail).

Lewes-based Vicky has enjoyed art ever since taking it as a GCSE and A level subject. After vowing “never to return to studying) after gaining qualifications in a range of areas (Maths, an Access course and various NVQs in childcare), she sparked her interest in the arts once again when, enjoying life as a mother of three boys, she took an art class “just for me”.




With all three boys at secondary school, Vicky took a u-turn on her previous vow and decided to harness her ability and passion by enrolling on a Fine Art degree at Northbrook. Two years later, she now has her first exhibit as an artist under her belt, is reading up for her dissertation and, while not officially selling her work at the Trail, has had offers for sales.

“As an Artist I don’t want to put myself into a box as I have been enjoying trying my hand at many media processes and techniques. Yet having said this, the most consistent part of my studio practice is my series of Monochrome, Oil on Canvas Lovely Ladies.” (Vicky, 2014, on the mediums she uses).

And how does this process work?

“Initially, I find an image of an old or iconic film star or celebrity, which I then enlarge on the photocopier and grid up onto a canvas. I find that once I have done this initial painting, I can then allow myself to be freer with the Lovely Ladies images.”

“Once I get to know them (as this is what I feel happens) I get taken on a journey with them”.




Vicky uses her new oil painted images and transfers them onto a variety of mediums using processes such as photograms, screen-print, large ink and Fabriano paper pictures and has even been known to drill into wood holes and sew their image on, along with lashings of gold paint.

Increasingly so, and something Vicky would like to explore further, is the use of text in her work. A technique she uses to express herself on personal issues that she knows affect other woman, and to ensure she continually grows as an artist (you can check out how Vicky’s work evolves via her Flickr account).

“being involved in the Worthing Art Trail for first time, thank you to Baked for allowing that to be hugely enjoyable” (Vicky, 2014).



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