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cake with a cause
Week one – view from JP

(by Jessie Patterson, Key Ingredient)

Not just mascara, but a touch of bronzer and blusher too. My favourite trousers and spotted shirt. I finally felt human again. After non-stop planning and labour during the #thefitout, it felt incredible to be up and running. Playing all those waitressing games on the computer (sad, I know) had finally become a reality.

The whole team were in the house and it wasn’t long until familiar faces started to show their support. Big shoutout to my wonderful friends Sian, Tegan and Lloyd for coming down to see me on my first day. One hour in and a couple rolled up at Baked for a morning treat. They must have felt like celebrities as our eyes followed their entry into the building. Actual people we didn’t know. It was hilarious. All of us, including the customers, laughed out loud.  The coffee grinder was soon in full swing and cakes were disappearing.




Everything about the coffee machine freaked me out on the first day, especially the steamer. I managed to create a volcanic milk explosion on not one, but two occasions. And after the double incident I decided it was best to leave it to Jen, our experienced coffee maker, to make the rest of the Lattes.

Suddenly though, it all just clicked. By day two, I was a coffee wizard. Silky, frothy, you name it, I had it in the bag. However, I had also met up my old friend OCD with cleaning the damn thing.

By day four my life was finally slipping into a routine. Gym sessions before work are a must. Being greeted at work by the smell of fresh cakes is just too tempting. Dr Roffey is a baking mastermind. Her bakes taste sensational  and, to my surprise, are dead simple to make. I’m learning as I go and doing it hands-on is definitely the best way.

I have always worked weekends and never been too bothered about it, however, after the emotional come-down from week one, I finally had that ‘Friday Feeling’. The weekend never tasted so sweet.

Ok, I confess, I popped my head in on Saturday. I just can’t stay away.



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