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Worthing Art Trail 2014

Back in January, when I first went down the path of securing 31 Rowlands Road for Baked, I was sure we would be up and running by now. Easily I thought. No problem. Let’s totally get involved with the 2014 Worthing Art Trail as a venue, support some up and coming local artists, and invite people in to enjoy our cake and coffee.

Well, as ever as I am learning, these things all take far longer than you think they will (tip: when setting up a business, triple the amount of time you think you will need to do anything, quadruple maybe, in fact when dealing with planning matters and signing of leases really avoid committing to anything that involves a defined timeframe).



Work of Vicky Milner


The small of issue of not being officially open will not however deter us from supporting this year’s Worthing Art Trail and for the next three weekends, we will be opening our doors and showcasing the work of three local artists: Vicky Milner, Leona Angus and Sarah Luxford.



Work of Leona Angus


There won’t be cake or coffee (tough seeing as we don’t yet have a kitchen) but come by, say hi, appreciate (maybe purchase) local arts and have a nosey at how we’re getting on with #thefitout.

Check out the Worthing Art Trail website for a full listing of the venues and artists involved in the Trail, and other special events running over the next few weeks. On that note, we’re hosting one here at Baked, a ‘Works of Art’ themed meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club on Saturday 28 June.


Work of Sarah Luxford